This Sinking Feeling


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released March 1, 2010



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Track Name: University
why would you complicate this path
that you've been on?
through experimental years
the feelings still not gone.
you look back now
and the past is right in front of you to say
we were listening.
with your words still ringing in my ears,
when will you find your way back here?
with bloody broken strings
you carried on, for 27 years
has it been that long?
you look back now
and the past is right in front of you to say
we were listening.
if this weight is hard for you to hold,
just keep trying fucking hard and don't let go.
Track Name: Opposite Ocean
I've had no time to think or reason
there's too much life here on my plate
I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't dream
I can't do anything
above these wheels that carry me
so I pretend that
I can feel the warm wet sun upon my face
and I remember where we started from
so I pretend that
I can taste the salt air breathe it in 1000 times
close your eyes and find your way back home
I'm staring at a different ocean
this is not my friend the sea
why can't I be back where I know is what I know
without this drive ahead of me
Track Name: Good Ash
no one to hear the siren call from miles away
in empty rooms there's no need for warning
it's calling out on deafened ears
anticipating every breakdown
all the while it's fading out
and you don't know
this is the anthem for what we might have been
and you don't know
this is the cycle of autonomy
a new frontier
it paints the sky as worlds collide
in idle minds
tears like serrated edges
come falling down on broken hands
one final abreaction
without the strength to let it out
abandoning this caustic scene
that began so honestly
it fuels the flame that leads you back home
with no connection to retrace
with no reflection in the mirror
it fuels the flame that leads you back home
Track Name: Weeds
I feel the anger burning the way it eats you up inside
so is it just hands up or is it shoot on sight?
your heads so full of bad ideas
what are you waiting for?
till you explode?
but I'm not blown away
spin your wheels to the grave
till the old ones fade away
same as before
and it's innocent, but it's not in your eyes
it just spreads like weeds, so overgrown
like weeds can grow
I hear the things you're saying
it's starting to sound like lies
so is all heads down until you say alright?
and with a show of empty hands
what are you waiting for?
till you explode?
but I'm not blown away
it's out there in the streets
it's right inside your house
it flaunts itself on your precious tv
it's the poison in your roots
that speaks straight to your heart
Track Name: Leatherbound
how did I come to meet you here?
a stumbling revision of thoughts I had so clear
this subtle aftertaste is bitter and it stays
just long enough to see you disappear
are we all used up like some superficial dream?
are we so messed up that we can't even see
that we've picked our wounds so long that they don't heal
and the silence pulls us through another year
so why does it have to be this way?
a satirical surrealist in a never ending maze
they've searched through the debris without finding anything
no signs of life no signs of you or me
and I hold these words so high above my heart
if we scream too loud all meaning could be lost
and I'll keep these thoughts completely out of reach
until the silence has become a part of me
Track Name: Base Five
counted five planes in the sky tonight
heard fifty times it will be alright
that is nothing new to you
me and you and all those little lights
we'll leave the blacktop when we take flight
those clouds we'll rip right through
and I thought i'd want it all
but now I just want you
five hundred thoughts flash across my head
five thousand arrows in my chest
and that is nothing new
now it's me and you and our little light
we sleep for days and take the nights
our road just seems to keep on changing
tracing fingerprints on a glass that you left behind
mesmerized by all the swirly little lines
a maze of mountaintops that soon will reach the sky
you can't wipe away the print you're etched into my mind
Track Name: The Florida Sea
this ships going down
it's hard for you to see
you're a captain with no crew
still you're feeling like a martyr
in trepidation's face
you will procrastinate
stop working hard start working smarter
like sinking ships taking on water
no sign of land this far at sea
change is proving hard
it's harder than you know
you've sharpened all your teeth
there's no flesh for you to gnaw on
in a suspicious place
which you choose to congregate
your tired act just makes me tired
you don't know what to do
when the tide comes ripping through
the complacency you've had is gone
and it's changed everything in it's way
as the feeling is all washed away
Track Name: Stand
you wait in line to misrepresent yourself
you think this tension will just fade away
like candle light it's flame will keep us warm tonight
this bridge is burning down at both ends
you said you would
does that make a difference now?
you said you could
but I just don't see how
it's just not the same at all
do you remember when you didn't have to scream to be heard?
have you lost faith in your words?
where will you stand?
with hands raised to the sky or live a life of compromise?
this picture is fading in the fire
your satellites pinpoint a secret fear
of all of your castles turning back to sand
like candle light this flame will keep us warm tonight
this bridge is burning down again
Track Name: Sinking
I've still got my mind
and there's no one here but me
thats all I need to watch the clock
count down the time
and I've got your words
and I read enough already
that sinking feeling you sent
is finally sinking in
you can't go on this way forever
when reason runs away with you
sends you to your breaking point
walls fall down around you
this doesn't feel like home to me
doesn't feel like anything at all
somewhere sometime
if it's all in my mind
I know I'm gonna get there
Track Name: Broadcast Interruption
the lights have all gone out
and these weathered gears keep moving
to the beat of a thankless sound
preparing to ignite on chemicals and formulas
they've made the wrong seem right
there's nothing left to figure out
it's not too late to fix it
this sinking ship could just sail on
for one more night
you sold your soul and lost your heart
for airwave affection
they've sterilized us with your songs
for way too long
and these lazy days have gone away
these lazy days
the silence has been broken
but the winds of change can often feel quite cold
this broadcast interruption
it's nice to hear a voice thats not your own
looking back in retrospect
all words no actions
will you ever feel regret
for your distractions
and these lazy days have gone away
these lazy days
all these faces keep on changing
until there's no one left around
Track Name: Inverted Pyramid Scheme
like a rat in a cage
you justify your wage
alone inside this room
this room without a view
it's disgusting
how you choose to live your life
catching hands in closing doors
spending less is hurting more
and in this selfish game you play....
I just won't play
as witness to your latest breakdown
you dance on every word
inverted pyramid
comes crashing down
on all your hopes and all your dreams
all your underhanded schemes
your faith in them can't save you now
running down in this selfish game you play
I've taken the pieces all away
the song remains the same
it's just that I refuse to sing anymore
I quit